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Heart Attack or Stroke caused by an Energy Drink?
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Unsafe Products :: Energy Drinks

Did you or a loved one suffer a heart attack or stroke from an energy drink such as Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, 5-hour Energy, or one of the various others including alcoholic energy drinks such as Four Loko?  

Our attorneys are now accepting and investigating inquiries, nationwide, from people that have suffered a heart attack or stroke, or even organ failure, as a direct result of drinking an energy drink.  If the physicians noted that the serious injury or death was caused by the energy drink in question, we want to hear from you.  Many of these energy drinks don’t list their ingredients or warn of the potential of serious side effects.  They also don’t advise against limiting consumption over a short period of time.  

Unfortunately, many people, as no fault of their own, are unaware of the potential harmful effects of drinking an energy drink.  In recent years, the rise of energy drinks and energy drink advertising has been quite staggering.  Yet research into the immediate and long-term harmful side effects of a product that claims “it gives your wings” (Red Bull) has been very limited here in the United States, even though Red Bull and other energy drinks are banned in most European countries. 

The reports of young men in their late and mid 20s, and sometimes even younger, experiencing a heart attack as a result of drinking an energy drink are becoming more and more common.  Why this hasn’t attracted the attention of the media, or our government for that matter, we don’t know.  But, it has attracted the attention of our attorneys and we intend to pursue these cases and bring justice to those people that have suffered from what we consider to be a potentially dangerous product that gives no warning of its possible effects to the unsuspecting people that drink it.  

If you or a loved one suffered a heart attack or stroke which a doctor said was caused by an energy drink, or possibly from a long history of energy drink use, please fill out the form below.  Our attorneys have handled some of the largest and most notable cases and class actions in the country.  Contact us today to know your rights.

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