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Chemical Spills
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Toxic Substances :: Chemical Spills

CHEMICAL SPILLS - A chemical spill can be a liquid, solid, or gas and has a tremendously negative environmental impact. EPA regulations are strict, and while they vary depending on the type of spill, they can require the reporting of a spill of as little as ten gallons. Long-term, smaller leaks from industrial sites can have just as much destructive force on surrounding wildlife and human inhabitants. Such chemical spills invade the surface water and plant life, having a serious impact not only on them but all animal life that lives in or feeds off of those resources. Deep ground water sources can also become contaminated by chemical spills. This can cause contamination of the drinking water of local residents. The biggest danger of a chemical spill on the area surrounding the infected area is that it can affect large segments of the population very quickly.

Employees of industrial worksites using chemicals are at an even greater risk for direct exposure to chemical spills. Caustic chemicals can cause blindness on contact, skin burns, and other physical issues. Any contact with chemicals on the worksite should be followed by immediate medical care.

Cancer, organ and respiratory failure, and even neurological damage are some of the long term effects of both the environmental effect of a spill, or direct contact to a chemical spill site. These serious health issues can take years to become evident. Anyone who lives in the vicinity of factories should immediately suspect possible chemical contamination if any of these illnesses occurs. Workers in those industries coming into contact, or even being peripherally exposed to such chemicals, should also suspect their workplace as the potential source of a catastrophic illness.

Anyone living near a factory or industrial building that experiences any of the long term effects of chemical exposure, or comes into immediate contact with a contaminated source causing blindness, burns, or other injuries should seek immediate medical attention and also contact an attorney. It is vital for any employee of such a company to seek legal representation as soon as any work-related accident occurs, after, of course, getting proper medical attention. The devastation caused by chemical spills reach even further than the physical ramifications. During that time, medical bills can become insurmountable, means of earning a living can be severely compromised, and relationships strained. Getting a lawyer to advise you on the proper steps to gain compensation for the damages of environmental hazards, such as chemical spills, can help you make it through the trying times ahead.

If you have reason to believe you or a loved one have been exposed to a chemical spill, or work in an industry involving such possibilities and are experiencing the illnesses listed above, please fill out the form on this page for a free evaluation of your case by a law firm that has the resources and expertise to handle these very complex and costly to litigate cases. 

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