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Birth Injuries
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Medical Malpractice :: Birth Injuries

BIRTH INJURIES - A Qualified and Experienced Birth Injury Attorney is Essential.

Medical malpractice by a doctor, nurse, or any other health care professional during the labor and delivery of a child can lead to a permanent disability and create an enormous, long-term economic burden for the family. Although this is the last thing on a family's mind at the time of the injury, once time goes by, they begin to want some answers. Our job, as attorneys, is to do what we can to answer those questions and fight for your rights, and subsequently, make your child's life and their long term care easier going forward.

A birth injury is reported in 28 out of every 1000 live births. These injuries can result from a health care professional's failure to respond to, diagnose, or manage pregnancy complications. They can also result from a physician's failure to respond in a timely manner to a distressed fetus, or their failure to expedite the delivery.

Oxygen deprivation is one of the most common and dangerous causes of a serious birth injury. This can happen when the umbilical cord becomes twisted, compressed, or wrapped around the neck of the fetus. Other injuries can result when there is a breach birth, or when the delivery team applies too much pressure or force when delivering the child.

The most common injuries that result from a physician's or hospital's negligence are: Cerebral Palsy, Erb's Palsy, Brain Damage, Fractured Collar Bone, Shoulder Dystocia, Liver Damage, Klumpke's Palsy, Brachial Plexus Palsy, and Still Births.

If your child suffered a birth injury, whether or not it is one of the ones listed above, please fill out the form below for a free evaluation by a qualified birth injury lawyer. Whether a physician or facility has been negligent is typically determined by a peer within that area of expertise, adding expense to an already expensive and difficult litigation process. Experienced representation is essential to assist individuals who have a child that was injured as the result of medical negligence obtain the recovery they deserve.

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