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Beryllium Exposure
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Toxic Substances :: Beryllium

BERYLLIUM - Beryllium is one of the very few elements that occur naturally that has no real use for either plant or animal life on the planet. It is a fairly rare element and not easily found in nature, but it has a lot of industrial uses. It has a very high tolerance to heat and is resistant to oxidation from being exposed to the elements. Those characteristics and the fact that it is a lightweight, but stiff metal makes it highly prized in the metal industry and is used a great deal in the defense and space industries. It has a high conductivity that has a low corrosive capacity and is used to create beryllium copper used in many electrical products like electrodes, springs, and parts for electrical contacts.

Beryllium is also widely used in gyroscopes, electronic equipment, computers, and even watches. Older model cars often had beryllium braking systems because they were lightweight, strong, and non-corrosive.

For all of its uses ranging from x-ray machines to sound proofing, beryllium dust is very hazardous to breathe. Where concentrations of beryllium dust are high enough, an illness called beryllium disease, which symptoms could be mistaken for pneumonia, is commonly diagnosed. It causes difficulty in breathing and a persistent dry cough. Beryllium disease can result in lung cancer, anorexia, heart enlargement, and other forms of heart disease as well as weight loss. In some instances beryllium disease may not even show any symptoms unless seen in the course of a routine checkup. Beryllium disease can deteriorate the lungs to the point it becomes difficult to walk even short distances, and can cause death in severe cases. Beryllium disease is curable but not easy to overcome. Oxygen therapy and immunosuppressant prescriptions are used to actually suppress the immune system that is attacking what it considers foreign in the system in order to help the patient recover from beryllium disease.

Beryllium disease is uncommon in the general population as exposure to the mineral is rarely high enough to bring on the disease. Rarer still are cases of ingestion although beryllium has been known to cause ulcers. Skin contact can cause dermatitis, rashes, bumps, or sores. The most common source of beryllium exposure is through a working atmosphere. However, families living in close proximity to industrial plants that use beryllium to manufacture products may also be at risk. If you feel you have been put at risk due to exposure to beryllium and have any of the symptoms of beryllium disease, you should immediately seek the advice of a physician and also contact a lawyer to see what recourse you may have. Your attorney can help you recover medical expenses related to beryllium exposure and help you family cope with the loss of your income. Fill out the form on this page for a free evaluation of your case by a law firm with the resouces and expertise to handle these complex and costly to litigate cases.

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